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Hello, friends! How is everyone?

I know I've mentioned this community before (and I know I haven't posted much fic in forever... I'm working on that... Slowly.), but a new phase is starting, and it's lots of fun times, so I'm mentioning it again.

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Yes, I'm alive! I've even been writing a bit for my Popular fanfic100 series, but I want to go ahead and get quite a bit of it written before I start posting again, so that it's not the case that I post just a fic or two, and then go into another hiatus for years on end... So yeah.

Anyways, in an effort to get/keep my muse going, I've actually joined an "interactive challenge community" called [ profile] femslash_land . I've never heard of these "land communities" before, but it sounds pretty fun. should join too! It'll be fun! There are three different teams, and challenges will be posted regularly, and the more challenges you complete, the more points your team gets. I'm on Team Canon Crossover (there's also Team Canon, Team Subtext, and Team Sweeps), but you can use any pairing (as long as it's femslash) no matter what team you're on (so just because I'm on the crossover team, that definitely does not mean that I can only write crossovers).

So go check it out, and then join Team Canon Crossover with me! :) (I was on Team Canon, but they added a new team, and now I've been switched over to that one.) free web page hit counter
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So, I have no plans to go see Bride Wars, the new Anne Hathaway-Kate Hudson movie that opens today. As much as I really like Anne Hathaway (and as much as I sometimes like your standard chick flick), this just looks really bad. (But hey, if you see it and love it... I judge not. ;)

Still, I decided to read the NY Times movie review today, and... the critic is totally a femslash shipper. She basically says that the movie really sucks, but the one semi-interesting thing about it is the idea that Anne's character (Emma) and Kate's character (Liv) totally wanted each other. ;)

And I quote...

"Since childhood, the two [main characters] have dreamed of getting married at the Plaza (alas, not to each other)..."

"The opener — a gauzy scene from childhood that finds Liv and Emma, dressed as a bride and groom, tenderly dancing with each other — and an adult catfight, which looks like a prelude to a kiss, suggest that there may be more to this friendship (and the fury underlying its rupture) than either the women or the movie can admit."

"[T]here’s no getting lost in a movie like “Bride Wars” — but it’s nice to pretend that they might lead somewhere else, say to San Francisco, where once upon another time two female movie characters, inspired by Harvey Milk (or maybe just Sean Penn), will take on the gay-marriage ban and say 'I do, I do' to something more than shopping."

So yes... talk of femslashy subtext has totally made it all the way to the New York Times. :D

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~made by [ profile] theagonyofblank 

Less than two weeks until the "premiere" of WMC Virtual Season 2! Woohoo! We have so many awesome things planned for this season, and we've even started talking about Season 3. The whole thing's going to be amazing, I promise you.

So, if you haven't already, go check out [ profile] wmc_vs!

*goes off to work on my episode*
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I know that a bunch of my flist knows about this already, or even is directly involved, but for those of you who aren’t aware, I thought I’d ramble a bit about the Women’s Murder Club Virtual Season. That’s right, folks... Annoyed that WMC got cancelled? Well, fear not, because there’s a lovely group of people working to bring a whole second season to a computer screen near you!

And... *drum roll, please* I’m writing an episode!

The first episode has already been written, and I can officially say that it is AWESOME! Yeah, be jealous that I’ve read it already ;)

So yeah, I’m super excited! I just need to get over my bit of an inferiority complex regarding all the amazing people who are writing for the season. This’ll definitely be the most plot-driven story I’ve attempted, so should be interesting (and fun!) to work on.

So go check it out at [profile] wmc_vs! The first of thirteen episodes “airs” on September 12!

With that in mind, here’s my current to-do list:

- Write a minimum of 30 pages for my Virtual Season episode
- Move forward on my Popular fanfic100 series
- Finish the next part of Brick Walls
- Write that prequel to Bonus Points
- Maybe write a sequel to Dance With Me
- Work through all the rest of those prompts I have waiting for me
- Maybe start on that random idea for a crack!pairing that I came up with
- Oh yeah, and figure out what the hell to do with Witness... *feels bad for starting a story and then promptly going nowhere with it*
- Plus, you know, there’s that actual job that I’m getting paid to do on a daily basis.

Hmmm...that list looks dauntingly long. GAH, I’m insane.

In other news...people are awesome! It was my birthday yesterday, and in addition to hearing from/seeing a lot of my RL friends, I heard from a lot of you lovely LJ people! I totally wasn’t expecting anyone to say anything, but a bunch of people did, so you all rock! :)

Ok, I’m done rambling for now. Time to tackle that to-do list!
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International Day of Femslash is tomorrow! Yay!

I asked for prompts a while back, hoping to kick-start my muse, and make sure I got a bunch of stuff written. However, that plan kind of backfired at first, since I ended up with a total of 36 prompts, and the thought of writing 36 stories ended up just feeling more daunting than anything else. So, I just sat back on the prompts for a while, before finally starting to tackle them.

Now, I have nowhere near 36 stories written, but I did end up with a bunch of stuff ready to post tomorrow. So, if I didn't do your prompt, then I apologize, and it doesn't mean that I didn't like your prompt. I'm definitely going to hold on to them and hope to eventually get through them all. Also, I have definite ideas/plans for some of the prompts that I haven't started yet, but I didn't think I could adequately cover them in a oneshot, and I don't want to have too many WIPs going at once, so I purposefully held back on those.

BUT. Enough talking about all the things that I haven't done. I DO have TEN things to post tomorrow! They range in length from 184 words to 2,745 words. I'm happier with some of them than others, but hopefully they all turned out at least decently.

Within those ten, I have...
- TWO fanfic100 updates
- SEVEN oneshots
- ONE start to a multi-parter

They also represent SEVEN different fandoms, including TWO new fandoms for me, and THREE new pairings. :)

Also, speaking of my fanfic100 (Popular) series, it recently occurred to me that I haven't been posting in the [profile] popular_fic community. I'm expecting everyone's flist to be crazy busy tomorrow, but will people feel like I'm spamming their flist too much if I start posting there too from now on?

Anyways, I'm definitely excited to see all the awesomeness that's sure to be posted tomorrow.

In conclusion: Yay for femslash! :)

ETA: Totally forgot about the whole time differences thing (I know, I know...way to be egocentric, Rebecca), so for some people, July 19th is already here! But still, I'm going to wait until it's Saturday over in my neck of the woods before I start posting.
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Because when there's a rain delay? They show things like THIS on the jumbotron.

*giggles* Yep, those are two Red Sox pitchers, lip-synching and dancing to Milli Vanilli. Good times.
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So, I didn't get a chance to watch the Lost season finale on the night it aired, but I watched it the next day online. I was admittedly sitting pretty close to my computer screen, which I'm now grateful for, because there was a tiny little thing that happened to catch my eye, and I'm sure I wouldn't have noticed it at all if I were watching on TV.

Still, I couldn't be sure whether I actually saw what I thought I did, or whether my femslashy brain was just imagining things. But thanks to screencaps, I was able to check, and sure enough.....
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Today I was just walking home from the subway after work, and I happened to notice that there was a bit of a crowd standing around one section of Columbus Circle. So, I walked over, and saw that they were filming something. At first I couldn't really see exactly where the cameras were pointing, and then even once I could see approximately where everything was going on, there was a big statue in the way. I thought about just continuing home, but I was definitely curious, and some nice guy who was part of the crew pointed to where I should go to be able to see better. I asked him what they were filming, and he said "When in Rome," which was something I had never heard of, but I decided to head over to where the guy had mentioned anyway.

So, I got to a spot where I could definitely see what they were filming, and at first I didn't think I recognized anyone, but then the blonde in the middle of everything turned around, and....holy shit, it's Kristen Bell! So I watched the filming of Kristen Bell's new movie for about 5 minutes, which was pretty cool.

When I got home, I looked it up on imdb, and the movie is described as: "In New York City, a young art curator finds herself aggressively pursued by a band of wannabe lovers after she steals coins from a Roman fountain." Hmmm. Interesting.

So yeah. That was my first New York City celebrity sighting, which I thought was pretty awesome. It's not like I actually met her or anything, but still. KRISTEN FUCKING BELL.  It was one of those 'Damn, I wish I had a camera phone' kind of moments. She's hot. XD

It also made me wish I had a Kristen Bell icon, but Blake Lively will have to do, in honor of the voice of Gossip Girl. :)
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First of all, I really liked last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy, but I'm not going to comment on it, because the awesomeness of Grey's was followed by OMG LOST WTF?!? and commenting on 2 shows right now would be too difficult.


Ugh. My head hurts. BUT I LOVE THIS SHOW.
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Vaguely incoherent ramblings about tonight's episode, "And The Truth Will Sometimes Set You Free" behind the cut.
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So, I had sort of intended to watch the new show Women's Murder Club when it was first on, but I never seemed to be free. But I recently finally got my hands on all the episodes so far and I have to say, it is a fantastic show! I really love all four main characters (and the actresses who play them), the cases are interesting, the writing and acting is good...just a quality, entertaining show overall. I'm glad that the show will be getting at least three (hopefully more than that!) more episodes. I will definitely make a point of being around to watch those episodes when they air and doing my own little part to boost ratings.

Plus, I know that there's already a ton of WMC femslash out there, and now I can totally see why. I really like the idea of Lindsay/Cindy, but I can actually totally see any combination of Linday/Cindy/Jill. Now that's impressive: when you can have a show with three supposedly straight (female) characters, but a romantic relationship between any (or all) of them would be totally believable. Somehow, Claire is just too motherly to get in on the hot, lesbian action, but she's great too. ;) Any recommendations for fics I should read? (I'm currently engrossed in the story "Sneak" by [profile] random_flores, which is a crossover with Popular, and is a really great fic!)

Speaking of Popular, how AWESOME is it that, in the movie 1st to Die, which is based on a WMC James Patterson book (the TV show is somewhat based on his books too), Claire Washburne is played by Pam Grier (Kit in The L Word), and Cindy Thomas is played by....Carly Pope! Haha, I haven't actually seen the movie, but I thought that was very cool. :)
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"If anything, I’ve learned you can’t always go can’t always be warm inside.
That without love, we're never more than Strangers in Paradise"
- from Strangers in Paradise

I recently finished reading the entire comic series Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore. Now, I’m not really a comic book kind of person, but I absolutely loved this series! I read them in the “pocket book” format, which basically consists of six long graphic novels.

If you haven’t read these books, you definitely should! Terry Moore has created a number of truly fascinating characters, and the entire story is really great. Considering the fact that Terry Moore is a heterosexual male, the depth of these strong female (and queer) characters is pretty remarkable. The three main characters are Katchoo, Francine, and David, and they are involved in a strange triangle of sorts.
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Ah, the beginning of spring. The weather is getting warmer. The trees are getting greener ... And grown men are getting paid millions of dollars to chuck a small ball at each other. Yep, it’s the return of baseball season! Are you excited?

Daisuke seems to be happy about it.

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Yes, I admit it...I watched Dancing With The Stars last night and tonight. In general, I’m not a fan of reality-type shows. But I have seen two seasons of Amazing Race and one season (not including this season) of DWTS and I think those two in particular fall into a higher category of entertainment than shows like Real World or The Bachelor.

Anyway, it was a pretty fun start to the season, and even though it might be that no one cares, I feel like making one of my rambling commentaries.

Well, I’m actually off to Austin, Texas for five days starting tomorrow, so I won’t be writing/commenting on anything for a bit, but I’ll catch up on reading stuff when I get back to New York. And then maybe I’ll find a way to finish the Sarah Connor Chronicles fic I’ve started, but haven’t been making much progress on...
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So, there have been a bunch of posts around with pictures from the set of Gossip Girl, so I won't repeat them here. But seriously...these two are just ridiculously cute/sexy!

Source <--Also, click link for a video of a cute Leighton guest spot on 8 Simple Rules where her character is gay!

Really, when two hot women hold hands, their total hotness multiplies by approximately 500 times.

p.s. Happy St Patrick's Day! (No, this post doesn't have anything to do with St Patrick's Day. So what?)
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So, I was looking through some stills from SCC episodes (because really, what better thing is there to do at 2:20 in the morning? Actually, I was looking something up for my latest fic, but yeah), and it hit me...Cameron is officially gay.

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So, yeah...I obviously am totally random when it comes to which episodes I comment on and which ones I don't. Oh well.

Anyway, tonight I watched a Gossip Girl repeat and the new T:SCC episode, and I don't have a ton to say, but I actually felt like commenting on both of them. So, here we go.


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It’s back!! Woohoo!! Man, I’ve missed this show. :)

Well, that was quite the kickass season premiere! Ghosts, and cabins, and rescuers, oh my!

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I have very mixed feelings about this episode. For one thing, Zoe was awesome this week, going to her son's birthday and winning major "cool mom points" but still kicking ass at work, when Katherine and Clayton decided to make asses of themselves. (By the way, I don't really understand why Katherine and Clayton plotted to have the meeting at a time when Zoe couldn't come. Did they really think that it would go over well?) Also, Juliet kicked Davis out! Woohoo!

But then there's Caitlin. First of all, she was in the episode for what seemed like a total of five minutes. But she talked about waking up with Alicia! Cute! Why didn't we get to see them waking up together?? But then the inevitable "maybe I'm not really gay" storyline came in, and that just made me sad. Now, I have no problem with Caitlin being bisexual. In fact, it's even more realistic that she'd be bi than for her to be completely gay. But a guy has to come in after only three episodes? Really?  Plus, to flirt with the guy when your girlfriend is still in the same room as you?? Not cool, Caitlin. Not cool.

Now, a letter to Alicia:

Basically, I just really hope that the writers actually give Caitlin and Alicia a legitimate chance. I've heard that they are going to stay together, at least for a little while, so that's good, but their relationship really hasn't had much development so far, and I hope that changes.


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