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Stolen from [ profile] darandkerry  and [ profile] ralst 

Tell me about a story I never wrote, (eg, "The one where Spock Prime and Sarek have tea and reminisce.") and I'll write you a snippet from it.

Snippets will be 100-500 words.

1. One per person, please.
2. AUs and mirror!verse fics are okay.
3. As usual, het, slash, femslash, gen requests are all okay. [1]
4. Your request should begin: "The one where..."

Standard rules apply, if you need to know if I know a fandom, just give me a shout and I'll let you know!

If you want something else, ask me about it, or just request it. If I'm not familiar with the fandom/characters you request, I'll ask you to prompt again!

[1] I don't do het or slash, but I'll take such options into consideration...
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I really need to get my muse in gear, so hopefully this will help...

Stolen from [ profile] carpesomediem  and [ profile] sinandmisery 

For those unfamiliar, first you pick a letter. Then you pick a theme starting with said letter. Then you pick a fandom (or a crossover) and a character or pairing. For example, P is for Papa Joe's, Jill/Cindy (WMC). In turn you'll receive a drabble/ficlet of some kind.

A is for: Apple, Jill/Cindy (WMC) for [ profile] trixter21 
B is for:
C is for: City, Sam/Brooke (Popular) for [ profile] krumnut 
D is for: Doom, Sam/Brooke (Popular) for [ profile] revolos55 
E is for: Entourage, Sam/Brooke (Popular) for [profile] splendid_it 
F is for: Fear, Lindsay/Cindy (WMC) for [ profile] revolos55 
G is for: Gaze, Kate/Juliet (Lost) for anon
H is for: Hope, Jill/Cindy (WMC) for [ profile] kauschi 
I is for:
J is for: Judgment Day, Sarah/Cameron (SCC) for [ profile] charrua33 
K is for:
L is for: Love, Sam/Brooke (Popular) for [ profile] kauschi 
M is for:
N is for:
O is for: Opportunity, Sam/Brooke (Popular) for [profile] baby_c15 
P is for: Porn, Sam/Brooke (Popular) for [ profile] carpesomediem 
Q is for: Quilt, Sam/Brooke (Popular) for [profile] splendid_it 
R is for: Regret, Sarah/Cameron (SCC) for [ profile] charrua33 
S is for: Secret, Sam/Brooke (Popular) for [ profile] krumnut 
T is for: Threesome, Lindsay/Jill/Cindy (WMC) for [ profile] wolfemeister 
U is for: Up against the wall, Sarah/Cameron (SCC) for [ profile] wolfemeister 
V is for: Vulnerable, Sarah/Cameron (SCC) for [ profile] revolos55 
W is for: Walkies, Sam/Brooke (Popular) for [profile] splendid_it 
X is for:
Y is for: Yodel, Sam/Brooke (Popular) for [ profile] trixter21 
Z is for:
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So, in honor of the International Day of Femslash on July 19, I want to have a whole bunch of fics to post, and I thought that maybe taking some prompts would help get my muse in gear!

To request a fic, give me a pairing, and some kind of actual prompt (i.e., NOT just the pairing). The prompt can be a situation, a lyric (if it’s a lyric, it’d be awesome if you also tell me what song it’s from), a single word...whatever.

Obviously, since we’re talking about the Int. Day of Femslash, those are the kinds of pairings I’m most interested in/comfortable with. Still, if you really want a het or m/m slash pairing, I’ll see what I can do.

Fandoms/Pairings I’ve written before:

Popular -- Sam/Brooke
Gossip Girl -- Blair/Serena
Sarah Connor Chronicles -- Sarah/Cameron
Women’s Murder Club -- Jill/Cindy
Lost -- Juliet/Kate

Other fandoms/pairings (I’m not quite as comfortable with all of these, but I’d be willing to give them a try):

WMC -- any combo of Jill/Cindy/Lindsay (or all three)
Gossip Girl -- I’m not a big fan of the canon pairings, but anything else is fair game, I guess
Grey’s Anatomy -- Izzie/Addison; maybe Callie/Hahn
Imagine Me & You -- Luce/Rachel
Harry Potter -- Ginny/Hermione
DEBS -- Amy/Lucy
House, MD -- not totally familiar with this fandom, but any combo of Thirteen/Cameron/Cuddy

No promises in terms of fic length...I’ll just have to see where the prompt takes me.

I’ll post what I can on July 19, but I’ll hang on to any prompts I get, and will try to get to them eventually. :)


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