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A challenge at [ profile] femslashverse involved making graphics or writing a fic for 9 randomly chosen AU genres. Here's my bingo card

I wrote a short fic for my wild card, so that will be posted separately, but all the graphics are below the cut.

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Yay for new layouts and headers!

Come check it out at [ profile] mysensitiveside !

The header was made with help from a tutorial by [ profile] le_mot_art , and the layout is a modified version of one that was made by [ profile] noveltybox Let me know what you think! :) free web page hit counter
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Ok, so one of the challenges over at [ profile] femslash_land  is the "big bang" challenge, which involves making a whole bunch of stuff. I'm now finally done with it!

- Icons are Legend of the Seeker, Popular, Skins, and Women's Murder Club
- GIFs are Popular and WMC
- Fanmix is Brooke/Sam (Popular)
- Fanfic is Jill/Cindy (WMC)

Icons )

GIFs )

Fanmix )

Fanfic )

Total points: 15 + 60 + 20 + 7 = 102!

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A picspam, with comments, of five of my favorite pairings. :)

This was made for another challenge at [ profile] femslash_land 

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What should I be doing today?

- Finishing to unpack
- Cleaning my room
- Reading/editing a draft of a journal article manuscript
- Writing fic

What have I been doing instead?

- Making a new header! [using two textures by [ profile] mellowmint ]
- Customizing a new layout!

Check it out at [ profile] mysensitiveside  and let me know what you think. :)

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So... I meant to try to do some writing today. Somehow hasn't happened yet... *sigh*

BUT, I made a new header! And it's Leslie Bibb!

I'm not totally sure yet what I think of the new coloring I came up with for the layout... but I am pretty happy with the header. :)

Let me know what you think!

[ profile] mysensitiveside 

New Layout!

Aug. 7th, 2008 01:15 am
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Well, it's a little over a month until the Women's Murder Club Virtual Season begins (eek! I need to write my episode faster!), so I thought I'd make a header in honor of the occasion. I still only vaguely know what I'm doing with these kinds of things, but I had a lot of fun playing around with the graphics.

Then it didn't really match my old coloring, though, so I had to rework the whole layout.

But yay for new headers/layouts, and yay for the WMC VS!
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[personal profile] theagonyofblank made two wallpapers for me! Aren't they awesome?

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There's a "Motivation Graphics Challenge" going on over at [profile] passion_perfect, and it is just way too much fun. (And by "way too much fun," I mean that I have to wake up really early tomorrow, but instead of sleeping, I'm now playing around with this thing.)

Here's one I made:


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