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Fandom: Warehouse 13
Pairing: Myka/HG
Song: "Breath of Life"
Artist: Florence + The Machine
Spoilers: All episodes
Summary: HG struggles to deal with her inner demons, receive forgiveness from herself and the woman she loves, and find redemption.
A/N: Video plays best in 480p or 720p

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Fandom: Warehouse 13
Pairing: Myka/HG
Song: "Wicked Game"
Artist: Gemma Hayes
Spoilers: All episodes
Summary: All that Myka has left are her memories.

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Fandom: Legend of the Seeker
Pairing: Cara/Kahlan
Song: Cosmic Love
Artist: Florence + The Machine

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Fandom: Women's Murder Club
Pairing: Jill/Cindy
Song: It's Not That Easy
Artist: Erin McCarley
Summary: "I don't trust me with loving you."

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My first video!

Yeah, the video quality kind of sucks, and I only sort of know what I'm doing, but I attempted to put together a WMC fanvid. So, voila!

Fandom: Women's Murder Club
Song: "Flying High"
Artist: Jem
Pairing: Lindsay/Cindy
Summary: Lindsay is falling for Cindy, but she worries that bringing dangers like Kiss-Me-Not into Cindy's life could be too costly.

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So, I've been busy writing for IDF, but just wanted to share this vid (it was made a while ago, but I just found it today). I pretty much adore everything I've seen by the creator of this video, so you should check out her other stuff on youtube, but I decided to post this one, since WMC is the latest fandom I've gotten into. :)


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