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I just finished re-reading the epically amazing Effy/Emily fic, Transatlanticism by sivim27, and since one of the latest [ profile] femslash_land challenges is to do a fanmix...

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Title: Right Around Midnight
Fandom: Skins
Pairing: Emily/Naomi
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 852
A/N1: Takes place during Series 3. I’ve played around with canon’s timeline a bit for this. Imagine that JJ’s episode (3x07) happened before Naomi’s (3x06) Emily has started inching out of the closet by telling JJ, but she and Naomi haven’t slept together yet.
A/N2: First time writing this fandom... This was for a challenge at [ profile] femslash_land , where we had to include the words midnight, allegedly, desperation, cheat, and whoops.
That time right around midnight is Emily's favorite )

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Ok, so one of the challenges over at [ profile] femslash_land  is the "big bang" challenge, which involves making a whole bunch of stuff. I'm now finally done with it!

- Icons are Legend of the Seeker, Popular, Skins, and Women's Murder Club
- GIFs are Popular and WMC
- Fanmix is Brooke/Sam (Popular)
- Fanfic is Jill/Cindy (WMC)

Icons )

GIFs )

Fanmix )

Fanfic )

Total points: 15 + 60 + 20 + 7 = 102!

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A picspam, with comments, of five of my favorite pairings. :)

This was made for another challenge at [ profile] femslash_land 

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