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Title: Cloudy With A Chance of Sunshine
Grey’s Anatomy
Pairing: Addison/Izzie, pre-slash (with talk of Addison/Derek and Meredith/Derek)
Rating: PG (some swearing)
Prompt: Written for [ profile] l_amero, who prompted with “when she laughs, it’s like sunshine”
Word Count: 809
Characters aren’t mine, etc., etc.
Summary: Addison’s early morning musings on life, love, and a certain blonde intern.
A/N: First attempt at Grey’s fanfic!

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So, in honor of the International Day of Femslash on July 19, I want to have a whole bunch of fics to post, and I thought that maybe taking some prompts would help get my muse in gear!

To request a fic, give me a pairing, and some kind of actual prompt (i.e., NOT just the pairing). The prompt can be a situation, a lyric (if it’s a lyric, it’d be awesome if you also tell me what song it’s from), a single word...whatever.

Obviously, since we’re talking about the Int. Day of Femslash, those are the kinds of pairings I’m most interested in/comfortable with. Still, if you really want a het or m/m slash pairing, I’ll see what I can do.

Fandoms/Pairings I’ve written before:

Popular -- Sam/Brooke
Gossip Girl -- Blair/Serena
Sarah Connor Chronicles -- Sarah/Cameron
Women’s Murder Club -- Jill/Cindy
Lost -- Juliet/Kate

Other fandoms/pairings (I’m not quite as comfortable with all of these, but I’d be willing to give them a try):

WMC -- any combo of Jill/Cindy/Lindsay (or all three)
Gossip Girl -- I’m not a big fan of the canon pairings, but anything else is fair game, I guess
Grey’s Anatomy -- Izzie/Addison; maybe Callie/Hahn
Imagine Me & You -- Luce/Rachel
Harry Potter -- Ginny/Hermione
DEBS -- Amy/Lucy
House, MD -- not totally familiar with this fandom, but any combo of Thirteen/Cameron/Cuddy

No promises in terms of fic length...I’ll just have to see where the prompt takes me.

I’ll post what I can on July 19, but I’ll hang on to any prompts I get, and will try to get to them eventually. :)


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