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Hello, LiveJournal!

As I've mentioned a few times here and there, I'm in the process of writing an epic fic, and I've decided to use it as my entry to the upcoming Femslash Day Big Bang!

Now it's time for artist sign-ups, so I thought I'd throw this out there, since I happen to know that a lot of my friends here are really amazing artists! There are five fics (all from different fandoms) looking for complementary art, so go here to check out the summaries! Sign-ups are from now until June 15th, first come first serve. Bonus points if you can guess which fic is mine (except not really, because I've only ever written fic for one of the five fandoms/pairings. Hm).

The details, from the [ profile] femslash_day site:

Phase Two Details
Phase Two Sign-Ups: 1st - 15th June
Phase Two Creation: 1st June - 10th July

For Phase Two, you will be creating a complement piece to a Phase One project. A complement works with and enhances the project it's paired with. Because all of the Phase One projects are written, you will create a visual/media project with the minimum requirements listed below.

We will be allowing you the opportunity to choose the projects you'd most like to work with from the list of anonymous summaries that will be posted on 1st June, then assign the projects on a first come, first served basis. Each project will be listed by its Medal status, and your project will correspond with the minimum requirements listed below.

Visual/media complimentary works:

Gold Medal [fic is at least 20,000 words]: 3 visual works (any medium)
Silver Medal [fic is at least 10,000 words]: 2 visual works (any medium)
Bronze Medal [fic is at least 5,000 words]: 1 visual works (any medium)

One visual work is any of the following:
* a batch of five icons
* one header-sized graphic (computerized or hand drawn)
* a five-song fanmix
* 40 seconds of edited video
* 1k of audio fic

If you have other ideas for the visual/media works [3D fiber works, ATCs, etc], or you want to do a combination of works, please check with the mods for verification.

web metrics

Helena knows you want to sign up!

(gif not mine)
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